DoveVivo, ALTIDO, and Chez Nestor join forces: welcome Joivy!

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Accommodations for students

High quality and cost-effective accommodation

Are you a student looking for a high quality, functional and cost-effective accommodation?

DoveVivo Bologna Panigale is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a stay due to work or study purposes. It ensures independence and all comforts of a stress-free formula. Our accommodations are equipped with all comforts to provide the highest level of hospitality.

Fixed fees, no surprises

One of the strengths of DoveVivo Campus is the all-inclusive monthly fee, to make your stay hassle free.
Our fee includes all utilities: water, electricity, heating and also air conditioning, very useful during hot summers. Furthermore, each apartment is equipped with its own thermostat… no matter how much you consume, the cost will not change!

Our Services

The residence has a large study hall dedicated to our young guests. Not only study areas, but relax and community, too. Indeed, there are plenty of spaces such as recreational rooms and gym where you can spend time together. Moreover, both common areas and apartments, have Internet service with a highly efficient Wi-Fi network.
Each studio boasts a fully stocked kitchenette, a spacious bathroom and a study area. During your stay you can also host relatives or friends. You just have to notify our staff in advance.

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