Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small clusters of text recorded locally in the temporary memory of the user's browser, and then stored on the user's computer for periods of time that range - depending on requirements - from a few hours to a few years, except for profiling cookies that will not be stored for longer than 365 calendar days.

By using cookies, information about the user's preferences and other technical data that can facilitate the browsing experience and enhance the website's use and effectiveness can be stored semi-permanently. For example, cookies can be used to determine whether the user's computer has already connected to the rtmliving websites, so that novelties can be highlighted or “login” information stored. To safeguard the user, only cookies stored on his/her computer are identified.

rtmliving uses cookies or equivalent computer code in order to optimally facilitate visits to its website and to optimise the display of its product assortment. rtmliving also uses analysis tools for site usability purposes which, by tracking user actions, clarify how the website is used with a view ultimately to improving its functionality and design.

Ttypes of cookies used

Cookies may be divided into two groups:

The Data Controller assumes direct responsibility over the management of first-party cookies.

The responsibility for and management of third-party cookies fall on the respective owners and operators, and their data privacy information must provide suitable mechanisms for refusing consent.

On this website or product there may be cookies belonging to six different types:

  1. Technical, session and analytical cookies: These cookies are required if the website is to operate properly, and they enable site login operations to be managed, configuration preferences (if available) to be set, or plug-ins to be integrated if required in order to view specific content. Technical cookies include those used for statistical and performance analysis purposes, provided they are configured to collect data in an aggregate and anonymous form that provides a general overview of the performance of the sites and content.
  2. Traffic analysis and performance cookies These cookies reveal how visitors use a particular website, what content they have access to and what geographical regions they come from, so that the operation of the website can be evaluated and improved and the production of content can be prioritised in order to optimally satisfy users' information needs. These cookies require the user's consent, and refusal of consent may be communicated directly to the relevant operators.
  3. Profiling cookies for marketing and advertising purposes: These are cookies used to deliver advertising content within a website or application. These cookies are used, for example, to track the position of the ad and check whether a user has already seen the ad, but also to monitor the user during their navigation in order to define the relevant profile and to display ads which are associated with their personal interests and socio-demographic characteristics.
  4. Widgets and other interconnection tools with external sites and functionalities: These are cookies, often associated with a graphic element of the site such as an action button or a specific logo (for example, the "Like" button of Facebook), used to integrate the functionality of other websites within the website one is presently browsing. These cookies are the responsibility of the respective operators, and the user can oppose their use directly on the information pages of the respective operator.
  5. Usability tools: These are features written in application code that allow the site manager to analyse the way in which users interact with the contents and functionalities in order to verify their ease of use, the quality of the design and plan improvements. These scripts are configured not to capture user-typed digital elements that would undermine his/her privacy and are subject to explicit consent. The refusal of consent, when present in the pages of this site, is managed directly by the Data Controller.

Which cookies are installed on this website?

The Data Controller endeavours to limit the use of cookies to the minimum required in order to effectively offer to the user the services of this website, and of its other sites and products. More specifically, DoveVivo uses the cookies indicated below:

If you have further concerns about the use of cookies, you can always prevent them from being set and read by e.g. changing the privacy settings in your browser.

As each browser - and often different versions of the same browser - acts differently, often in significant ways, the user can independently customise his/her browser preferences, and detailed information on the relevant procedure is to be found in the browser guide. For an overview of relevant procedures for the most popular browsers, the user may visit this website

Duration of the data processing

Cookies managed by the Data Controller have a maximum duration of 365 days unless the user voluntarily renews by once again providing his/her consent.

The profiling cookies managed by the Data Controller are anonymous and, once expired, they remain within statistical systems and profiling platforms in aggregate form, not attributable to the User's browser, for general statistical purposes only.

Cookies managed by third parties have the maximum durations indicated in the respective Cookie Policies.